One day I was doing a shift in the Glasgow shop, "do you realize I have come all the way from the South side to shop here" said a customer. "you would think it was the wild west the way your talking" said a good regular from Oban. Eureka! Wild West/ Chilli cook-off. The Glasgow shop is surrounded by great little gourmet bars trying hard to entice customers across the kelvin bridge and up Great Western road to an Area not exactly off the beaten track and yet often ignored by many Glasgow folk.

 A chilli cook-off would draw attention to our great area so the seed was planted. Many of the chefs had been raiding my shelves for nearly a decade so Lupe Pintos was a well known shop but I was bowled over by the instant response from near by bars and cafes the great Western chilli cook-off was on. Ten venues would prepare their version of the Tex-Mex classic and 500 ticket holders would tour the bars tasting and judging.

Over the bridge they came in hundreds, they came in Sombreros smoking big cigars, some had carved their own chilli spoons, even the woman wore moustaches, an absolutely amazing day was had by all and the Lupe Pinto annual chilli cook-off was born.